Silver Price in Kuwait


Date Session Silver / Kilogram
23-Oct-2017 PM KWD 184.95
23-Oct-2017 AM KWD 184.95
22-Oct-2017 PM KWD 184.95
22-Oct-2017 AM KWD 184.95
21-Oct-2017 PM KWD 184.95
21-Oct-2017 AM KWD 184.95
20-Oct-2017 PM KWD 184.95
20-Oct-2017 AM KWD 184.95
19-Oct-2017 PM KWD 184.95
19-Oct-2017 AM KWD 184.95
18-Oct-2017 PM KWD 189.10

Highest/Lowest Silver Prices

Range Quantity Highest Date Highest Price Lowest Date Lowest Price
Last 30 Days 1 Kilogram 15-Oct-2017 KWD 189.50 02-Oct-2017 KWD 180.85
Last 60 Days 1 Kilogram 14-Sep-2017 KWD 193.35 09-Oct-2017 KWD 180.85
Last 90 Days 1 Kilogram 06-Sep-2017 KWD 193.35 08-Aug-2017 KWD 177.60
Last 30 Days 1 Tola 15-Oct-2017 KWD 2.21 02-Oct-2017 KWD 2.11
Last 60 Days 1 Tola 14-Sep-2017 KWD 2.26 09-Oct-2017 KWD 2.11
Last 90 Days 1 Tola 06-Sep-2017 KWD 2.26 08-Aug-2017 KWD 2.07

Silver Price in Kuwait

Today on 23-Oct-2017, the Silver price in Kuwait was KWD 184.95 per kilogram and KWD 2.16 per tola. One ounce of Silver in Kuwait was sold at KWD 5.75. Silver rate in Kuwait on 23-Oct-2017 per gram was 0.18 Kuwaiti Dinar. Today's 8 and 10 grams Silver price in Kuwait were KWD 1.48 and KWD 1.85 respectively.

In last 30 days, the highest Silver price in Kuwait was recorded on 15-Oct-2017, which was KWD 189.50 per kilogram and the lowest Silver rate in Kuwait was recorded on 02-Oct-2017, which was KWD 180.85 per kilogram. On 02-Oct-2017, one tola of Silver in Kuwait was sold at 2.11 Kuwaiti Dinar which was the lowest rate recorded in last thirty days.

Comparing last 60 days, the Silver rate in Kuwait was as high as KWD 193.35 per kilogram on 14-Sep-2017 and on 09-Oct-2017, the Silver price in Kuwait was as low as KWD 180.85 per kilogram. In last 90 days, the Silver price in Kuwait fell down as low as 177.60 Kuwaiti Dinar per kilogram on 08-Aug-2017 and the Silver rate in Kuwait rose up as high as 193.35 Kuwaiti Dinar per kilogram on 06-Sep-2017.

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